Pronađi svoju poslovnu mogućnost

Germans expect from the Croatian workforce

After the first day of July, many of the 43,000 young people under 24 who in Croatia can not find work will certainly consider the open door of the German labor market for the Croats. Most of them with a degree in Croatia can not find work. It is expected that in the future they first look for a position in the German market. There they expected about 10,000 a year. Requests are doctors, nurses, scientists in the field of technology, biology and seasonal workers. Germany opens its market for Croatian construction companies, but also companies in the cleaning of buildings, offices and for interior designers. Along with Germany, its doors open Croatian workers and other countries, but for those who dream to wrestle Austria, Slovenia and the Netherlands are not among them. Last year, 93,000 Croatian citizens in Germany was socially secure. When it comes to recruiting scientists, health workers and seasonal workers, to wrestle in Germany despite the bans were welcome, because they are very good quality workers.